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At Rosegate Dental we utilize the latest teeth whitening methods to ensure our patients achieve bright, radiant smiles.

Together with you, we will determine the best whitening treatment to fit your needs and dental health.

If you feel that teeth whitening is right for you call us today for your dental appointment.


Veneers are used if you are looking to correct imperfections such as stains, gaps, or chips in your teeth.

Made out of tooth colored materials or porcelain, veneers feel like natural teeth and are stain resistant. A veneer covers the front side of the teeth and are custom fit to your smile. This is a great way to make minor adjustments to your smile.

To discuss if veneers are right for you, contact our office today.

Crowns and Bridge

When one or more of a patient’s teeth are missing, our team at Rosegate dental may suggest a dental crown to restore that area of the mouth.

This option can be used in place of teeth lost to gum disease, tooth decay, or injuries.

A dental bridge is permanently fixed in your mouth and helps restore speaking ability, chewing, and facial shape. It is important to maintain a healthy mouth, jaw, teeth, and gums, as bridges are bonded onto surrounding teeth for support.

Botox & Fillers

If you’re looking to get some facial enhancements to make you feel more like yourself, we offer both Botox and filler injections to help you look younger and keep the glow.

Our doctor is a certified injections professional.

Whether you need to add a little bit of volume to your lips or get rid of some smile lines, we are here to help you achieve a very natural looking result.

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